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Nishan’s love for Psychedelic music started after his first trip to Goa in 1995 at the age of 16. His love and interest in music began after he heard the classic hits, in the 90’s, from Astral Projection, Total Eclipse and Hallucinogen. Self taught, Nishan started playing at small private parties for his friends and in 2002 got himself started with professional gigs in clubs and open air parties within Nepal, Goa and Europe.

As a promoter and one of the main organizers of the Mountain Madness - Universal Religion (located in the magical hills of Nepal) He has shared a platform and stage, doing warm ups & closings for massive headline artists like GMS, Talamasca, CPU, XSI, Pixel, Domestic, PsySex, AJJa, Mad Maxx, Sirius Issness, Space Cat, Zen Mechanics,Liquid Soul, Vertical Mode, Outsiders, XI, Bornsleepy,Sonic Species,Headroom,E CLIP,Sonic Entity, Sideform,Relativ, ITAL,Protoculture,Painkiller,Dickster,Symboli & countless more

Nishan is also one of the first Nepali active DJs to perform in Goa and Europe. Having promoted trance music amongst the youths in the country since the late 90s, it all became achievable due to the support of his friends and family.


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