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DJANTRIX is project of Martin Georgiev from Skopje, Macedonia. Martins first serious contact with music came when he was 10 years old, after which he knew his destiny. He started performing as a DJ in underground parties and clubs soon rising up as a prominent Psychedelic DJ in Macedonia. Soon after he wanted to recreate his own sounds and began learning production and synthesis and hence the idea of DJANTRIX came alive.

Now as an individual artist, Djantrix has evolved with a serious and sophisticated focus on intelligent music. and has already carved his niche space within the scene. Djantrix specialises in creating unique psychedelic music with differences in sounds and style. We can expect to hear from him powerful, twisted and highly intelligent psychedelic tunes.

Djantrix @ Gaia Experiment Stage | Exit Festival Serbia 2016

Djantrix @ Cave Of God | Japan 2016

Djantrix live @ Ivanovo Serbia Aug 2016

DJantrix live at Dream Bubble Festival 2016, Goa

Djantrix @ Off Beat Party Italy Nov 2016

Djantrix & Middle Mode b2b set at Emotions Portugal - Dec 2016

Djantrix & Middle Mode b2b set at Emotions Portugal - Dec 2016 (part 2)

Djantrix @ Shroom New Year Party, France 2015-16

Djantrix at Thessaloniki Greece 2017

Djantrix b2b Spirit Architect at Indigo Generation, Portugal 2017

Djantrix at Tree of Life Festival 2017, Greece

Djantrix @ Atlas Festival Italy July 2017

Djantrix @ Son Libre Festival France 2017

Djantrix & Spirit Architect at Indigo Generation 2017 by Psymagicminds

Djantrix at Atlas Festival 2017, Italy

Djantrix at Digital Forest Psychedelic Trance Music Festival - Czech Republic

Djantrix At Rising Lotus Production Party, Greece

Djantrix at Rising Lotus Production, Greece 2017

Djantrix at Ergot Gathering Australia 2018

DJantrix @ Secret Story by Samaveda - Hard Club, Porto Portugal 2018

Djantrix at Ergot Gathering Australia 2018

Djantrix at Hilltop Festival Goa 2018

Djantrix vs Spirit Architect @ Own Spirit festival 2018, Spain

Djantrix at Boom Festival 2018 (teaser)

Djantrix Live @ Insomnia Electronic Music Festival 2018 Portugal

Djantrix at MUV Cultura Alternativa, Brazil

Djantrix Live at Boom Festival 2018 (FULL HD)

Djantrix live from 4th Psychedelic Circus Batel birthday Celebrations, Israel

Djantrix at Orbital Open Air 2019, Brazil

Djantrix at Gaia Connection 2019, Brazil

Djantrix at Psicodelia da Independência 2019 Brazil

Djantrix at Ozora Festival 2019 [Official aftermovie]

Djantrix Live at Universo Paralello 2020 (2019-20) [FULL SET HD]

Midnight Resurrection​ with DJ Djantrix​ at Maribor, Slovenia​

Djantrix Live at Area 51 Portugal by Samaveda Prod [Full Set HD]

Djantrix at Flor Da Vida, Brazil 2022 [Official Aftermovie]

Djantrix - Mindtrix - Recent Album drop in Brazil!

Djantrix at Ommix Mexico 2022 [Aftermovie]

Djantrix at Hipnotica 2022 Brazil Official Aftermovie

Djantrix at Sonoora Festival 2022 Brazil Official Aftermovie

Djantrix at Dance Theory, Goa 2021

Djantrix at Earthdance - Budapest, Hungary 2022

DJANTRIX | RadiOzora 9th B-Day Live Stream Marathon | 17/09/2022

Djantrix b2b Spirit Architect at Psytrouble Macedonia 2022


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